So You’re Engaged!.. but now what!?

Adam proposed to me on Christmas Eve, moments before midnight. It was utterly perfectly and suited us as a couple in so many ways. I love Christmas! Once we were engaged, I went into full blown wedding planning mode. I took a few moments to enjoy our engagement and Christmas morning but all I could think about were the hundreds of ideas I had swirling around my head. When speaking of becoming engaged, a friend of mine told me it was as if her brain had secretly been storing ideas, which came flooding out the moment she said yes. For me, it was a little less secretive!

Almost immediately we started ticking things off the seemingly never ending list of wedding tasks. It was never hard work for us or something we needed help doing but I know that is not necessarily the case for many couples. I am a crazy organised control freak and Adam had a very specific aesthetic in mind for our big day. Unfortunately for most newly engaged people, the thought of planning the most important event of their lives is overwhelming and where to begin becomes a task in and of itself. That is why I have come up with a handy little list to assist you, and no, there are not 100 things you need within a month or even 5. I have narrowed it down to 4 simple steps to help get the ball rolling and those ideas flowing:

The I Just Got Engaged Guide

1. Venue

Find and book a venue now that your wedding date is officially set. (yay!)

2. Theme

As a couple, discuss your general wedding theme/vision. This does not need to be something specific like a Harry Potter themed event (although pretty cool if you are both on board). It can be something simple and broad such as French Vintage. As long as it is something you both like and can turn back to for inspiration when you are grappling with a design decision.

3. Colour Palette

Decide on (and stick to) a colour palette – 3 colours + white works really well. I can’t stress this enough. You need to have a core colour scheme to work with, otherwise your event could looked mismatched. Your colours will help you make many decisions – bridesmaids dresses, flowers, invitation, napkins etc. Don’t be tempted to add more colours. Stick to your original palette and even if something doesn’t fit your theme 100%, it will still look like it is well suited to the event.

4. Budget

Finalise your budget. This could be step 1 or 4, depending on your situation. If you already know you will have a reasonable pot to play with, finalising the budget can be left for after you have picked your dream venue as you can make your budget work for your venue. If you know your budget will be limited it is best to nail down that budget and find a venue that will work with your budget.

And its as simple as that. Those are the first four steps to take when you don’t know where to begin with planning your wedding. Once you have ticked off these four items you will know where and when you are getting married. You’ll have a general theme to bring unique aspects to the day. You will have an idea of how much you’ve got to spend and a colour scheme to help pull it all together.

You will be surprised at how easily the other tasks fall into place.


Becoming engaged is just the start of a wonderful journey to the alter and your dream wedding day. At Weddings on a Sixpence, I am to help you on your journey! I have lots of money, time and stress saving hacks. I hope you’ll let me join you on your wedding planning ride.

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  1. Great idea Mish, looks great

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  3. Nice! After you get engaged take everything step by step to over getting overwhelmed.

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