Bridal Hack: Wedding Day Hangers

So you’ve found your dream dress and your bridesmaids dresses but, how will you display them on your big day? Your photographer and bridal party will be snapping photos all day long and you don’t want to cramp their style with a stock standard plastic hanger! Cue a frantic Google search for bridal hangers, and there are hundreds to choose from – yay! Oh but wait, they range in cost from £5 – £50 (excluding delivery) a hanger. Yes, for one hanger. Well, I am here to show you how you can get six for a grand total for £4!

You will need the following materials:

  • 6 x Wooden hangers. I got mine in Poundland – two for a pound = £3. But Ikea has a nice range in white and natural wood for max £4 for 8. IMG_7224
  • Ribbon in your colour scheme. I got a multipack which had all three of my colours from Poundland (for a £1 – obvs). 
    My ribbons & bling

Total for basic materials = £4

Optional Extras:

  • Bling. I found self-adhesive pearls in Poundland (as pictured above) which I felt suited my wedding style. A whole sheet for £1.
  • Letter stamps. We already had these at home but you can get a set for £3 in The Works.IMG_7225

Grand total (if using optional extras) = £9

  • Step One: Painting/Preparations 

When I first set out to do this, I wanted to buy white hangers so that I did not need to paint them. Poundland only had natural wood ones and I knew I had pink chalk paint at home – so I rolled with it. If you don’t have paint in your colour scheme (and don’t want to buy) I would recommend buying white hangers to save some cash (and a step of this hack). If neither is an option for you and natural wood works for your wedding (super trendy!) then I would recommend sanding them before proceeding with decorations. 

  • Step Two: Ribbons

By far the easiest step in this hack… simply tie a ribbon around the base of your hanger hook and you are done! This alone steps your hanger game up 100% and it is just.a.ribbon. As my hangers were pink, I wanted to pull in another one of my wedding colour palette, so I picked grey ribbons for my bridesmaid’s hangers and gold for mine. Having a colour palette already picked out for your wedding will help you make these decisions. 

If you are looking for a tying technique… I tied a simple bow but I wanted it to be tied tightly so that the bow firmly sat in the middle of the hanger. To do this, once a loose bow was tied, I held the knot in place with one hand and pulled sharply on both ends of the ribbon. That’s it, job done. 

  • Step Three: Bling

If you use bling and how much really depends on your style and taste. I personally would ward against going further than one or two dots – remember these hangers will have your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses hanging from them, you don’t want to detract from their beauty, only enhance it. I wanted to add a little sparkle but keep it classy so I opted for one pearl dot directly below the hook and bow. I found that this really helped me when it came to choosing the location of my stamps in step four.

My pearl dots came with adhesive backs and I would highly recommend only going with self-adhesive bling. I am all for a bridal DIY mission but let’s not make things harder than they need to be, am I right? That said, if you are an advanced DIYer with a glue gun, the world is your oyster and you can literally glue anything you like to your hangers!

  • Step Four: Stamps

For those looking to add a bit a personalisation to your hangers, letter stamps are the answer to your prayers. Hopefully, you and your bridesmaids only have two initials and you can opt to simply stamp one on either side of your dot of bling. I found it easiest to line up the edge of my stamp with the pearl to help achieve the most uniform of stamps but remember, you are doing this by hand so each one cannot be identical. Just go slowly and you will be fine. 

Your stamp set should come with ink pads in at least black and red, the red in mine was not very dark so once stamped on my pink hangers it looked dark pink which suits my wedding.

My future surname will have three initials so it made my hanger and the hanger for my future sister-in-law a bit tricky. I chose to split of first name and surname between the pearl, it just made those two hangers look a little off centre – but what can I do!?

If you have a steady hand and neat handwriting (neither of which I have, much to my mother’s dismay) there is no reason that you could not simply write the initials on with a permanent marker, eliminating the need for the stamps and saving you £3 – yay!

And that is that. Two to four simple steps and you have a set of pretty, one of a kind hangers for you and your bridesmaids. 

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