Wedding Planning Step 2: Theme

I know what you are thinking, is the theme of my wedding not just ~wedding~?? Well yes, it is but you need to nail down a specific vision if you want your wedding to be cohesive. For some people, it will be a detailed theme which operates in its own universe, like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Yes, people have pulled off these weddings and they are amazing! But, it takes a lot of work and both people in the relationship have to love the idea equally. For the rest of us, a theme is more of a loose guide, something to helps us make design and decor decisions. Think of your theme like your event identity, a reference for when faced with multiple options.

For our wedding, we chose the theme of simplistic, trendy elegance. We didn’t want anything too fussy, over the top or outdated. We wanted our chosen elements to pop and stand proudly on show, for all our guests to fully appreciate. Adam really likes to keep up with trends so being ‘in’ is quite important to him. We used clean lines and minimal fuss as our religion for our wedding. I cannot stress how having a theme helps stops indecision and a debate or argument in its tracks. For us, a lot of the time when we had opposing ideas about a design or decor decision, it was quickly resolved when we referred back to the theme. Why this works so well is that it no longer makes a decision the brides or grooms, it is joint because it fits the theme which you both chose (right… you are both choosing the theme).

Picking a theme should be a combination of both your aesthetics, try not let one person’s identity take over the whole wedding. The day is about both of you and it’s important that that is how your event translates to your guests. So, let’s get on with my top tips on nailing down the perfect wedding theme…

Refer back to your venue

If you have been following my advice and have completed step one it means that you have found your dream wedding venue! Yay! Your venue will almost definitely have some basic theme. I know popular ones are designed to look like Italian Villas or Rustic Barns. I am guessing that if your venue does have a strong theme, you really like it! So why not take it and run with it? It will be much easier to plan a rustic wedding at a rustic barn (and this is why I recommend finding your venue before you commit to a theme).

Consider each partners’ established interest or hobbies

Try not to force anything, or make up an interest for the sake of your wedding. Most of us do not have a hobby or interest which could be turned into a wedding theme – we certainly did not! But, maybe you both love reading and visiting second-hand bookshops. together. Now, reading/literature/books is an interest which any wedding planner can seriously run with – just check out this BuzzFeed list if you don’t believe me. 

Hit up Pinterest

Now I know that this can be dangerous and you might fall into a 3 hour Pinterest hole and not come out the same on the other side but it is good to research to find your inspiration. Some people have never thought about their wedding or what they would like their wedding to look like. You might not know where to start. Pinterest can help if you pin only things that truly interest and intrigue you. Once you have filled a Pinterest board, you might notice a theme emerge. 

Explore social media

I found a lot of wedding inspiration on Instagram, I even discovered my dream wedding venue there too! Social media is a great resource out there to get your wedding ideas flowing. What’s great about using social media is that it usually is pretty on top of all the latest trends and there is always something new to look at. Not sure where to start? Just follow one wedding related account and before you know it, your whole Instagram feed will be filled with wedding inspiration you’ll be drooling over. You might even find some great suppliers too. 

And that is where my pearls of wisdom end. If you have an interesting wedding theme, I would love to hear all about it!


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