Bridal Hack: Table Numbers

At some point, it was decided that you had to come up with a cool and quirky way of numbering your tables at your wedding. Using the standard table numbering system is now considered to be a missed opportunity to infuse your coolness and style into another aspect of your wedding. And let me tell you, I am here for it!

We were originally going to go for our favourite or most important memories together as a way of ‘naming’ our tables, when my best friends told me she had seen a cute idea which involved pictures of the bride and groom at specific ages 1 – 10 (or however many tables you have). She was going to do it for her wedding but then changed her mind. So I stole it from her, ah the perks of planning your wedding in tandem with your best friend.

Wedding Table Numbers

What I love about this idea is that it is super simple but the effect is two-fold. Not only is it cute but it is a great icebreaker for your guests. What better way to initiate a conversation with a fellow wedding guest than laughing about how much cuter the bride was than the groom when they were three (guys I was way cuter than Adam). 

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Photos of the bride and groom at each age for as many tables as you are having. We needed from 1-10 years old.
  • 10 picture frames. We found these great double sided ones in Ikea for only £1 each.

Average total for basic materials: £10 

Optional extras (if you don’t like the colour of your frame):

  • Acrylic Spray to use as a primer, I used this one Adam had lying around. It’s £4.99 off Amazon.
  • Paint in your colour scheme. I used my trusty tin of chalk paint but I am sure that you could use any type of paint you might have if you have primed your surface. 

Grand total (if using the optional extras): £15

  • Step One: Photographs

The hardest part of this DIY is finding the pictures you will need. Ideally, it is best to use pictures of you alone for the best effect. We had to rely on our mom’s for this as all our childhood photographs were in South Africa. 

  • Step Two: Collages

Once you have annoyed your mom’s enough to have all your pictures, now you have to make a collage for each year. I tried really hard to make sure that in each collage, our bodies were roughly the same sized. By this, I mean that I zoomed in on or out on each photo to ensure that our heads were roughly the same size. I am sorry if that makes no sense to you, I don’t really know how else to explain it.

I used this collage for each year, aged 1 to 10. 
  • Step Three: Create a template

I copied the one my friend found fairly closely but added my own spin to it, using our theme and colour palette to pull it all together. I used photoshop to create ours but I don’t think it needs to be as technical as that. You could just add your collage to Word and you would be all set. In the near future, I plan on selling the template I created but I have not got that far yet – stay tuned if this sounds like something you would need!

  • Step Three: Printing

We had most of the stuff for our wedding printed professionally but this is one time I think that you can get away with a standard home or office printer. If you can get photo quality paper that will help but let’s be honest, the table number is going to be amongst your other table decor and your guests will look at it for the first five minutes and that is about it. Save your money for something else. In my opinion. 

  • Step Four: Primer

A quick spray outside and you are done. Make sure that the sides (included the inside) are done. Don’t spray too close – I learned this the hard way when Adam shouted at me. If you don’t want to buy primer, you could probably make it work by sanding down the frames. 

  • Step Four: Painting

Once primed and dry, you are all set to paint on a coat of chosen paint. It took me two coats of the chalk paint to obtain the finish I liked. Easy peasy.

  • Step Five: Pulling it all together

Once the paint is dry, you can simply pop in your printed table numbers and voila! You are all set with table numbers I am sure will have your guests laughing and chatting in no time.

This hack can be as DIY’y as you would like. Perhaps your venue has frames you can hire for your table numbers, thus negating the need for all the painting. Maybe they have those table number stands you could use to prop up a piece of thick card with your template printed on. The options are endless but I, of course, chose to go the most DIY route as possible – obvs!

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