Yes, you need a wedding website & here is why…

I didn’t know that having wedding website was a ~thing~ until we became officially engaged, which on reflection, is quite surprising for me. I also only discovered the one we used by mistake. I signed up to The Knot for their cool countdown planning tools and it honestly has helped me so much.

We have received a lot of feedback on our wedding website and it’s the first that many of our guests have encountered, despite their popularity in the US.

Why a website is helpful

  1. Wedding HQ. We are expecting guests from more than one continent and having an online resource with all important information is helpful for us and them.
  2. It’s  on the line. It’s 2017 and if information cannot be stored or accessed from a smartphone or iPad, people forget they ever received it.
  3. Information is key. Your guests feel informed and confident that they know what’s going on. We’ve had so many people tell us how much they appreciate knowing that they have somewhere to check or remind themselves of important details without having to bother the happy (and super busy) couple.
  4. Early bird planning. It forces you to think about all aspects of your wedding. The Knot specifically has pre-titled pages which you feel obligated to populate (although you can delete them if you wish). I found that, because I wanted to have our website perfect by the time we sent out invitations, I was thinking about guest transport, accommodations, timelines and other finer details well in advance.
  5. Streamlined communication. Since our website went ‘live’ I have made more than one adjustment to the original information and I did not have to do an email blast to my guests.
  6. Guest list manager. I have only ever used The Knot and their guest list manager is a serious life saver. You are able to store all your guest’s details in one convenient place, track their RSVPs, gifts given and meal choices. Plus, they have an App which means you can make adjustments on the go and in seconds. And yes, you can download the information to an Excel spreadsheet (pure heaven).
  7. Appearance is everything. It looks super professional and impressive (with not much effort on your part #winning), giving your guests the feeling that your wedding is on track (even if it is not) to be the social event of the season. 
  8. #FREE. I feel like I need to repeat this. If you use The Knot:

this basically never happens when it comes to anything related to a wedding. AND, this is a dedicated wedding service anyone with an internet connection can utilise for free. 

Why I personally love having a wedding website

  1. It’s a creative outlet which gives you intimidate results. Weddings are a marathon, not a sprint and nine months out of our big day, I was bursting at the seams to see our ideas and plans come together. The website allowed me to see our colour scheme, fonts and general aesthetic come to life, satisfying me enough to have the patience to make it to the big day.
  2. It helped me feel organised and on top of things.
  3. It will be a wonderful memory to look back on after the wedding. It will always be there, all your hard work, pictures and plans.
  4. It makes use of a wedding hashtag. The Knot allows you to create a photo album linked to your Instagram hashtag so hopefully, after the wedding, you’ll have all your guests photos in one place.
  5. It’s fun for you to create and it’s fun for your guests to use (well at least our guests have enjoyed it).

I can honestly say that creating our wedding website has been one of my favourite aspects of planning our wedding and I cannot recommend it enough!

Of course, there are a number of different platforms offering the service with many different packages on offer. As already mentioned, we went with The Knot which is completely free, unless you want to register your own domain. The only fault I found with The Knot, is that it is focused on their American market. All this meant for us was that there are a couple of American wedding events which feature in their tools that didn’t relate to us but it’s simple enough to delete them.

If you have used a wedding website, I would love to hear all about it in the comments section!


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