Bridal Hack: Wedding Hashtag Signs

Whether or not you encourage your guests to take photos during your wedding and post them to social media is a strongly debated topic. I was firmly in the camp of “we are hiring a professional to capture our day, I want our guests to be ~in the moment~“. Adam was in the camp of “the photographer can’t be everywhere to capture all the moments”. After chatting it through, I am now on board with Adam.

We want to encourage our guests to snap as many pics as they like and feel free to post on social media. I think it will be really cool to see our wedding through our guests’ eyes. Adam also pointed out that it will take a few weeks before the photographer produces any photos for us to see. Whereas we will be able to view our guests’ pictures as soon as they post them. (Sneaky of him to use my extremely impatient personality against me. I see your game Adam!)

So, you’ve decide to encourage guest snapping pics. Now all you have to do is get them to use your wedding hashtag so you can actually find them! I know there are a couple of Apps available which are dedicated to collecting wedding guests photos without the use of social media. I think they are great for any couple who are not active on social media but for us, we are happy to keep it simple and use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This is where my next bridal hack comes in… cute little easels to display your hashtag. These discreetly to remind your guests to use your hashtag and perhaps prompt them to snap a couple shots! I have made four easels for us and we are planning to use them outside our chapel, on our canapé harvest table and on our dessert buffet. I personally love these easels (I love anything in miniature form) and can’t wait to see them in-situ on our wedding day. Read on to see how I made them!

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Mini Easels. We picked up ours in The Works for £1 each and decided that four would suit us. You can of course make as many or as few as you like. 


  • Sharpies/Permanent Markers. I already had a set of Sharpies in all the colours I needed for this hack. If you don’t have anything at home you can use, a set of Sharpie’s is a real investment. 

Average total for basic materials: £4 

Optional extras (if you don’t want to leave your easels in natural wood):

  • Acrylic Spray to prime the wood, I used this one Adam had lying around. It’s £4.99 off Amazon. *Top Tip – see if you can get a primer in a colour that would work for your wedding, like white. Grey is part of our colour scheme so for two of our easels, I simply primed them without finishing off with another paint. 
  • Paint in your colour scheme. I used my trusty tin of chalk paint but I am sure that you could use any type of paint you might have if you have primed your surface. 

Grand total (if using the optional extras): £8.99

  • Step One: Get your paint on

I decided to have our easels in a couple of colours (I have no particular reason for making this decision). So I sprayed two grey with the primer and painted one pink with my chalk paint. I left one ~all natural~. I am going to be honest, the easels are pretty annoying to paint. They have a lot of sides and corners to get into. You need a bit of patience (which we have already established, I do not have).


  • Step Two: Paint that canvas (but only if you want)

I decided to do different combinations and designs for our canvases – again, for no particular reason. I guess I like to make more work for myself? On reflection, I think these would have turned out just as cute if I left them plain white and it would have saved me a bit of a faff. 


  • Step Three: Hire a calligrapher to write your hashtag on the canvas

Okay, that is a bit dramatic but not completely untrue of what I did. I had to commission Adam to write out our hashtag because I have the handwriting skills of a seven year old. I did try and I failed miserable and had to paint over my shame. Hopefully, your handwriting skills are better than mine but if not, I am sure a family member will be able to help you out.


And that is all it takes. I found the painting of the easels a bit tiresome but really, I was jus being impatient. I am really happy with the end results and I can’t wait to see them in use on our wedding day. They should encourage our guests to snap lots of photos and share the day!


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