Flashback Friday with Real Bride Jaclyn

Before Jaclyn was a Bride, we met at university. We became friends so close so quickly that I don’t remember a time when we weren’t close. We’ve shared so much in our ten years of friendship, including breakups and heartaches and of course, finding our soul mates. 

Jaclyn and Deryk are perfect for one another and the type of couple you meet and just know that they’ll be together forever. I so happy to share this interview with my very good friend about her dream wedding day!

Please describe your wedding day for me, in as much detail as you can.

Classic… Romantic…Traditional… Everything I dreamed of and more! Rich red roses scattered the hall among the glistening candlelight and gold reflections. Hearts and bows could be seen in the smallest of details. My classic A-line embroidered dress hugged my body as if it was made only for me, leaving a traditional trial behind as walked on cloud nine…. The vintage ruby red jaguar escorted my dad and me to the chapel, giving us a moment together that can never be repeated. My gorgeous bridesmaids in elegant black dresses (I know, unusual… but flattering!) opened the scene for my grand entrance… all eyes on me, all I could focus on was my knight in shining armour, the man that made all my dreams come true.

Only happiness and laughter surrounded our ceremony… including an appearance of a frog during the vows… (“um wrong fairy-tale” I said)
The day engulfed us merriness (both types), laughter and love. The celebration went on as we celebrated what we believe in and cherish… LOVE for one another. This was experienced by those near and dear that made the day what it was. Every time I reflect back on the whole day, it brings an overwhelming feeling of contentedness and happiness. I couldn’t ask for better.www.weddingsonasixpence.com

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

As the doors opened and we made eye contact down the aisle…

Please tell me one thing that took you completely by surprise (in a good way)

My overall controlled composure throughout the day…. (even the bridesmaids were taken aback 😉 )

How long was your engagement?

Less than a year

Did you feel your engagement was too long or short?

Just right

Please tell me why?

Was a few days short of a year, but was the perfect amount of time to absorb all the fuss of being engaged. The amount of time was perfect to plan a wedding and enjoy being an engaged couple. (There is just something about that ring on the finger)

Where did you get married?

Separate chapel (old school I know) – Nice by Nature
The reception took place at a venue called Ramkiki. Both in close proximity in Honeydew Johannesburg

Please describe your venue in 3 words.

Lush, elegant, classic.

What made you end up choosing your venue?

To be honest, it was the venue that allowed us to cater our own bar and other services such as flowers. I will say that the greenery and surroundings were the deal maker.

Did you find it challenging to find your perfect venue?

In terms of finding a venue that allowed our own bar supply – yes!

Did you hire a professional wedding planner?


What did you find the most challenging part of planning your wedding?

Dealing with different managers at the venue. Unfortunately, the venue went through a few management changes leading up to our wedding. I met with a new manager to re-discuss my wedding every month. At the time, I said if this is the only hick up I need to deal with then I can deal. Fortunately, it was the only issue…

How involved was your husband in the planning?

He was quick to learn “yes dear” (Haha just kidding). Although he won’t admit it, he was pretty involved. I planned everything for my wedding, I was all hands on, so when I asked his opinion, he gave it happily. Overall we had the same idea and expectations…

What did you find the most surprising about planning a wedding?

How everything fell into place… I was taken aback at how easy I found everything I wanted – first try. (Not complaining!)

What’s the one thing you would change about your wedding or planning process and why?

The seating arrangements. I would have planned it a lot sooner to avoid issues. However, you can’t do much if people do not RSVP in time (Yes, BRIDES TO BE, this is a real struggle!!!!)

If you could start your wedding planning process all over again, what would be the first thing you do and why?

As mentioned before, the seating arrangements. Overall, I would do everything all over again.

If you did not hire a wedding planner, would you do so if you could go back in time and tell us why?

No! I loved the fact that when I walked into the hall, I knew every detail that lay before me. I was able to point out to my husband everything that had been done… from the little bows to the heart biscuits. Being hands-on allowed me to enjoy and appreciate every single minute.

Table Decorations

How many bridesmaids did you have?


Did you have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen?


Did you consciously plan to have an equal number or did it naturally happen that way?

Consciously planned…

If you had an uneven bridal party, did it bother you? If you had an even one, would you have been okay with an uneven?

Wouldn’t have been an issue…

Groom + Groomsmen

How heavily did you rely on your bridesmaids?

I like to think not much. As said before, I was in complete control of everything that took place.

Would you recommend that future brides have small or large bridal parties?

I think it depends on the Bride. I wouldn’t know any different to have a smaller one. Having a big one allowed me to rely on them emotionally, in different ways.

What would be the one thing you would recommend that a couple spends good money on for their wedding?

Photography and videography… It is the only thing that allows you to relive the day.

What did you learn about your husband during the planning?

I can’t say anything new… we know each other so well.

What did you learn about yourself?

That I am capable of making dreams come true.

How did you deal with any planning stress? Do you have any tips or tricks?

Meditation… alone time!

Give future brides one, none cliche piece of advice

Be sure to grab your husband on the day and escape for a couple of minutes… someone gave me the advice… we did it, we went outside, sat on the bench and looked in at everyone having fun… it was a movie moment! This also gives time to connect one on one in the middle of euphoria…

Lastly, would you do it again if you could?

In a heart beat!

Bride + Groom

Thanks to Jaclyn for sharing her special day with us, I hope it has given some future brides a few tips and possibly some perspective. My only regret is that I couldn’t be there on the big day! K, Bye (for now) - Mish


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  1. Making me want to get married all over again!

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