I Made my Bridesmaids Wear Dresses from Amazon – Now See What They Thought!

Bridesmaids dresses

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now will know that I purchased my four bridesmaid dresses from Amazon. I have already expressed my thoughts on why I think this is a great alternative to traditional dress shops. It is also a good way to save on wedding tax! By now, you are probably wondering how the Bridesmaids themselves felt about it?

So I asked them! 11 questions to get the low down on their honest opinions on the experience. Their responses were anonymous, so I don’t actually know whose is whose. I told them to be as brutally honest as they needed.

Bridesmaid Amazon Dresses

1. Would you have picked the dress if the decision was entirely your own?

Liked dress chart

2. Did you like your dress?

Dress like

3. Would you consider the dress to be your style?

Dress style chart


4. How did you feel about wearing a dress off Amazon as a Bridesmaid? – Please be 100% honest!

Bridesmaid 1 (B1): Happy, I love Amazon!

Bridesmaid 2 (B2): Surprised! Who knew you could get such great bridesmaid dresses on Amazon?

Bridesmaid 3 (B3): At first I was a bit concerned. Before I saw the dress, I was worried it wouldn’t look good, I thought it would look cheap. I was also concerned with it not fitting! But the nice thing was that we could return it if it didn’t! However, when I saw it for the first time, I thought it was beautiful.

Bridesmaid 4 (B4): The dress was made really nicely and was very comfortable, I had no problem that it was from Amazon.

5. How would you rate the dress quality?

Dress quality

6. If it were your wedding, would you consider buying Bridesmaid dresses off Amazon? 

your wedding chart

7. Would you wear this dress again?

Wear again chart

8. Would you recommend other Brides consider Amazon Bridesmaid dresses?

B1: Yes

B2: Sure, I’m all for avoiding Wedding Tax!

B3: Definitely, I was very happy with my dress and it really was beautiful.

B4: Yes! I was surprised with the good quality and there weren’t any problems with delivery or returns!

I also asked the Ladies a few general questions about the dress buying process and costs involved. In the US, it is entirely normal for the Bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. Other parts of the world, not so much! Brides and Bridesmaids might be wondering what to expect or the best way to handle this. I like to think that my crew and I handled this sometimes awkward situation well.

9. Did you appreciate being involved in choosing your dress or would you have preferred the Bride got on with it and just told you what to wear?

Having a say chart

10. You paid for your alterations, did you feel that this was fair?

B1: Yes
B2: Yes.
B3: This was definitely fair! I wouldn’t have expected it to be any other way.
B4: Yes, absolutely. Especially because the Bride paid for our dresses.

11. The Bride paid for your Bridesmaid dress but would you have been annoyed if you were asked to cover the cost?

B1: Not annoyed but you would’ve received a smaller wedding gift! haha

B2: Hmm..this is a tough one. I don’t have a problem with bridesmaids paying for their own dresses but then I think they would need to be able to source the dresses and gain approval from the bride – obviously working within her very strict guidelines! I think this also works better for more informal weddings where bridesmaids can buy cute cocktail dresses that they’ll definitely wear again.

B3: No, because the bride chose the dress and ordered the dress. However if the bride chooses an extremely expensive dress that wasn’t my style and that I didn’t like and she wanted me to pay, then I think I would have been annoyed.

B4: It was much appreciated, but I wouldn’t have been annoyed if she asked me to pay. I think it would only have been annoying if the dresses were outrageously expensive.

So, there you have it! After it’s all said and done, I am still really happy that I chose to go with Amazon dresses. The dresses suited our wedding and the bridesmaids perfectly and they were cost effective. We all hope that our Bridesmaids will wear the dresses again in the future but the simple reality is, they probably won’t.


I hope that my wonderful bridesmaids have encourage some brides out there to consider Amazon for their bridesmaids dresses. I cannot recommend it enough! If you found another great bargain deal on your bridesmaids dress please comment down below or get in touch – I would love to hear all about it!

12 Replies to “I Made my Bridesmaids Wear Dresses from Amazon – Now See What They Thought!”

  1. I LOVE all of the graphics! What a great experiment!

    1. It was fun to read all of their responses! Just glad they were all happy in the end 🙂

  2. I do love data! And now I’m trying to guess which bridesmaid didn’t like her dress!

    1. Haha, me too! I don’t know whose is whose but I have my suspects 🙂

  3. I love that they shared their honest opinion with you! It sounds like the dresses were a hit all around. It’s scary to order online but Amazon makes it easy with most things being free returns.

    1. I agree, Amazon is scary but if you make sure you have free and easy returns it is definitely worth a try.

  4. Great results and those dresses are beautiful! Further proof that we do not need to spend a fortune on those big chain bridal stores.

    1. Agreed! Hopefully it will help encourage other Brides to explore all their options.

  5. Great dresses just goes to show you dont need to spend much x

    1. As long as everyone is happy with their dress, I think it is perfectly okay to have a bargain buy!

  6. I love all the questions you asked. Amazon is full of wonders. I love the wedding shop. I had all my bridesmaids buy thier own dress, but they got to pick and i just said a shade of red lol.

    1. Amazon is full of hidden gems – sometimes we just need to take a chance 🙂

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