35 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching the Royal Wedding

Firstly, I would like to begin by saying…I am baaack! I took a little break, as my personal life had a lot going on. I’ve refocused and keen to jumped right back into blogging. I thought the Royal Wedding was perfect opportunity to mark the occasion. 

Royal Wedding Pinterest

So, without further ado:

  1. Oh, there’s Oprah!
  2. There’s a flower/greenery wall inside the chapel! Love it! I knew greenery was on trend.
  3. How amazing is the weather? It’s probably the least British part of this whole day!
  4. Oh look, there’s Pippa and all the Middletons…arriving fairly early – are they in cheap seats?
  5. Definitely, Prince George’s (the future King of England) grandfather just had to show his ticket at the door!
  6. Ooooh Amal Clooney looks aaaaamazing! That dress, that colour, that hat, the little veil! 
  7. The Beckhams have arrived! Victoria looks…borning? It’s basically the same outfit she wore to Kate & Williams wedding. 
  8. I don’t think Meghan is going to look nervous. I think she is going to look like she’s been doing this every day of her life.
  9. She must be nervous though? I am nervous for her!
  10. Meghan is in the car! I repeat, Meghan is in the car
  11. The veil and tiara are perfection!
  12. The dress has long sleeves – which was expected.
  13. Harry and William have arrived! And they look…hot! As in temperature, all those layers. 
  14. Ah, the Princes are literally walking in unison, you can just see their brotherly bond.
  15. The Queen has arrived! It’s about to kick off!
  16. Ah, Meghan’s mom Doria looks so emotional. 
  17. It’s making me emotional, watching her being emotional.
  18. Kate has arrived with all the kiddies!
  19. Princess Charlotte is always up for a wave, love it! 
  20. Kate looks amazing for someone who gave birth some four weeks ago.
  21. There is the Bride, in all her glory!  
  22. Wow, these steps are must be quite daunting to a Bride on her own.
  23. But so worth it, seeing her walk up those steps is an iconic moment!
  24. Love the dress – simple elegance.
  25. That veil has my heart. Forever.
  26. The group of bridesmaids and pageboys walking haphazardly behind her is one of the sweetest moments of the day. 
  27. Personally, not sure how I feel about Prince Charles escorting her the rest of the way. I think she looked like a fiercely beautiful Bride and elegantly powerful walking down alone.
  28. Harry taking her veil back was is the most romantic moment of the day. Hands down.
  29. I love their vowels, although not personally written, they are very moving.
  30. The choir singing Stand By Me is possibly the most powerful moment of the day.
  31. The procession is a fabulous moment, the flower arches are to die for! exit
  32. Wow, the flower arch at the entrance really comes to life as it frames them as they are about to exit to greet the crowds.
  33. The first kiss! What a wonderful moment which does come across truly genuine.
  34. The horses and carriage await! The fairytale would not be complete without it.
  35. This might seem strange to some but I think the carriage ride must be a really lovely chance to digest the wedding. Take it all in.

And that’s it, its all over! 

I hope you have enjoyed my lighthearted and fun return to Weddings on a Sixpence. I still have so many more hopes and dreams for this blog so I hope that you will stick around. I promise it will be worth it!

Toodles, Mish

8 Replies to “35 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching the Royal Wedding”

  1. It’s a fairytale wedding ♥ I love her! and Amal Clooney is always so perfect

    1. It was a true fairytale day!

  2. that tiara, though. it was beautiful. apparently Harry’s great-great-grandmother’s. so, perhaps Meghan’s “something borrowed”

    1. Yes, the tiara was on loan from the Queen – best something borrowed of all time?!

  3. I seriously had all the same thoughts! It was a beautiful wedding. I honestly found it to be so much more enjoyable than Kate and Wills. It seemed as laid back as possible for a royal wedding.

    1. It really was! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the biggest Meghan fan before the big day but since she has really won me over 😊

  4. You’re comentary is spot on for what I was thinking while watching it!

    1. I love it when that happens. It’s great reading something and realising many others had the same thoughts as you.

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