How I Popped The Question…To My Bridesmaids!

So, the man of your dreams has popped the question! Eeek! You’ve popped the champagne, called all your friends and chosen your social media announcement. The next thing that I am sure is on your ever-growing to-do list is to ask the most important ladies (or men) to be by your side on your big day. Yay! I bet you’ve all spoken about it already.

How I Popped The Question...To My Bridesmaids!

I knew who I wanted to ask to be my bridesmaids before I got engaged. No surprises there! But, what I didn’t know was how to ask them. I knew I wanted it to be special and unique. My main problem was that I was living across the world from two of the ladies. It was important for me to ask each lady in the same way. What I didn’t want was for them to have different experiences or feel that one was more special than the other. Deep down, I knew that it would be harder for my sister as she was one of the ladies living far away and I really didn’t want her to feel left out.

Step 1: Overcoming the Distance

I went through all the obvious options:

  • Post – ha! South African postal service was NOT up to this important task.
  • Skype – nah?! It just didn’t seem right and also like a massive logistical nightmare. Has anyone actually successfully used the group chat on Skype?
  • Email – blah! This just seemed really impersonal.
  • Photo – I kind of liked this one. I was thinking of perhaps some dramatic set-up with me holding a huge banner…which led to my ultimate choice…VIDEO!

Vidoe was perfect. I was already feeling my wedding creative juices flowing and I knew it would be a fun and unique way to ask my friends. Plus, Adam and I had already decided to use origami in our wedding decor so I knew using paper in the video would work well and be a veeery subtle hint of what was to come. A video ticked all the other boxes too, it could be sent to all the ladies at the same time and distance and time zones would have no impact.

Step 2: Story Time

My idea was pretty simple. I wanted to create a short story type rhyme that Adam would write on colourful paper (my handwriting should not actually be seen by any human eye). I would turn each page of the story in the video and end with me opening up an origami heart box which would reveal the important question.

Now that I have written it out, it doesn’t sound so simple but I swear, it was! The most difficult part of the plan was coming up with the rhyme.

Step 3: Click Click

We decided that we wanted to make a stop motion video, which is simply a series of pictures stitched together. This is so easy for anyone to do, you don’t need any fancy filming equipment, simply a camera that can take good photos. We took our pictures with an iPad and used iMovie software to create the video. If you don’t have access to specific software most smartphones have a time-lapse setting on the camera and I am sure there are no end of Apps available to help make your video.

Step 4: Supplies

What’s great about this was all I needed was colourful paper and pens. Tick and tick! A white surface, a camera to take the photos and just a little bit of patience. I love that this idea is really kind on one’s budget but is also impactful. Plus, you will all have the video to keep as a sweet memory.

Step 5: Set Life

Apparently, Adam is a film Director in his spare time…Luckily we undertook this exercises as a newly engaged couple and not a few months into wedding planning! I think it was our first wedding-related task and we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed – keen for a bit of a wedding hack to whet our appetites.

We set up a photo station on a white table with some props for interest. Adam took one photo for each movement I made  – it was quite simple and you can simply reshoot if you don’t like how the picture turned out! My husband is extremely particular about this sort of thing so there was a number of reshoots we had to do!

Step 6: Popping The Question!

This sounds much easier than it actually was. For some reason, it is really difficult to compress a video small enough that it can be sent via WhatsApp. Adam spent an unnecessarily long period of time dealing with this nightmare. *Starting to realise that Adam had a lot more work to do for this exercise than I realised at the time!

I sent the video to all my bridesmaids at the same time – they all seemed really excited! Except for my sister-in-law who simply thought I was asking her opinion on the video and not actually asking her to be my bridesmaid!

After I had sent them each the video, I made them all their own origami heart boxes which I posted to them as a physical memento – would you believe the South African ones actually arrived!

Now, all I have left to do is share the video with you! 

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Toodles, Mish

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  1. Awh, man, your bridesmaids are lucky to have been asked by you. And to have you put So much thought, time and effort into making the way you asked them to be your bridesmaids special. I bet their reactions were just wonderful 😊😊😊

    1. Oh, thank you!

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